Mon - Thurs.     11:30-9

Friday                11:30-10

Saturday            12-10

Sunday              12-8

Why Laverne & Shirley? Why Fried Chicken & Waffles? Why not?

Doesn't warm, fresh, delicious donuts just make everything better? Especially when topping off authentic Mexican cuisine made with the finest, freshest ingredients around.

"Tacos and donuts have always appealed to me in the way that you can get extremely creative with what you put in them or on them," says Chris Blythe, co-owner of The Sweet Taco. "We thought it would be fun to pair the two and satisfy the spicy, sweet and zesty palates out there craving something different."

The creative  menu is served in a warm, fun atmosphere with a full-service bar that caters to a couple grabbing a quick bite to eat or a large group of friends  for a fun night out.

so why tacos and donuts?